Friday, June 8, 2012


"Many of you love mountains, many of you longed to be among them and have been awed by their beauty from distant valleys; or you may have wondered what it is that drives men to climb, to carry heavy loads mile upon mile up winding trails. We hope that you want answers and that you desire the opportunity to experience mountaineering adventures yourself, to enjoy at first hand the magnificence of wilderness travel and to share in the unparalleled experience of standing atop a mountain and drinking in the panorama that lies below you. If you have a thirst for discovery, a wish to find the truth in yourself and to discover a real happiness, these are within your grasp. For learning well the knowledge that appears in the following pages and applying it can open you and applying it can open to you a new world of adventure and happiness." -Excerpt from the foreword

Nestled in the bookshelves of the Creak of Boots reading room is the 3rd edition of Basic Mountaineering by the San Diego chapter of the Sierra Club.  This gem was printed in 1972.

Here is an illustration on how to deal with a snake bite. NOTE: The "suck and spit" method is now considered ineffective.

Belay positions!

Quite possibly my favorite part of the book is the first aid notes and rescue signals tear-out page. This two-sided tear-out is crammed with useful information. It's primarily first aid; however, once you immobilize that compound fracture you may need to signal that search plane using international ground-to-air visual signals.

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