Sunday, June 10, 2012


Some of you may not know this but during the early years, Cannondale didn't just make bikes and panniers, although I would love a "Bugger".

Cannondale had a full line of framed and frameless packs, sleeping bags, tents and mountain wear.  Check out the following scans from some of their early catalogs.

Want more?  You are in luck.  Head over to Vintage Cannondale for more complete catalogs starting in 1973.


  1. I have a pair of Cannondale sleeping bags that I bought in 1981. I'm still using them 32 years later. They made good equipment.

  2. My father was a co-founder of Cannondale, and I was there second employee at the pickle factory, then at the old McCall's publishing plant at 35 Pulaski St. in Stamford Ct.
    Yes, we made lots of bags, buggers, tents in the early days.
    I think their Tent was one of the best mountaineering tents ever made - I camped all over Europe with mine.
    I took a number of the pictures on this page - they sure bring back memories!
    Dan Davis

  3. I have two of their backpacks and one of their mummy bags..They still work great and I think they were one of the first to use an internal design frame for their backpacks....I also love the way that their backpacks open up like a suitcase with a lot of compartments...

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