Thursday, January 19, 2012


Photo by .anderson

One of my favorite pieces of outdoor clothing is the venerable mountain cap.  Typically characterized by a weather-resistant shell, light insulation, brim and ear flaps.  I personally own three -- Lowe Alpine's Mountain Cap (I also bought one for my son) and two vintage caps by Wilderness Experience and Because It's There.  I suggest trying one out if you haven't already.  Finding one that fits your needs/style should be easy since most outdoor clothing companies produce a version of the mountain cap.  Here's a handful to check out:

  • AQ2 Mountain Cap by Berghaus (Berghaus carries a couple different models.)
  • Mountain Cap by Lowe Alpine (Can be had for cheap.)
  • Featherlite Mountain Cap by Montane (2.1oz and primaloft insulation...nice.)
  • Mountain Cap by Rab (eVent shell, enough said.)
  • Highpoint Cap by Outdoor Research (Great company, bomber gear, sweet guarantee.)
  • Alpine II Cap by Haglofs (lightweight, well-made.)


  1. Go with something made in the good ole USA and has some style

    1. Hi Michael. I purposefully left out the classic hunting caps. Although similar, I feel the kromers and wildfowl-esque caps are in a group all their own.

  2. I love the Because It's There hat, how can I get one?

  3. Ive seen the "because It's there' hat in the valhalla film, does anyone know where to get it?

  4. Because It's There is no longer in business. I picked up mine second hand for next to nothing.

  5. Any chance you're willing to part ways with that cap?? I've got an old because its there daypack and think the pair would be great together.