Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 Photo by Mike Leavenworth

Dawn Hamilton, Tom Rankin and some hiking friends were sitting around drinking beer right after a hike in the Catskills. Dawn said, "Hey, there should be a Patch for going to all the Brewpubs in New York State, and doing a hike somewhere nearby!" Thus, Views and Brews was born. Chapters can be found in the following states: New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New Jersey, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Maine, Delaware, Quebec and Pennsylvania. I will be working towards that CT patch this winter. If your state doesn't have a chapter contact Tom and Dawn.


  1. Dig it! I sometimes find it difficult to get excited about quiet dayhikes close to home. Wash down that hike with a good microbrew, and suddenly mundane hikes are magic hikes, too.

  2. And you can slap another patch on your pack!