Wednesday, October 19, 2011


"Working deep in the back country of Montana’s rugged Rocky Mountains, Pittsburgh-based photographer Tom Persinger photographed three men who spend their summers perched high atop peaks keeping watch over some of our nation’s most pristine places miles from the nearest road or modern convenience. Day and night they scan the horizon for curly gray wisps of smoke rising from the forest below: a tell tale sign of fire."

Read more about the project and check out some of Tom's beautiful photographs by visiting his site.  And make sure you watch his short video interviewing the 3 lookouts.

I found out about this project after I got home from my 8 day trip to Glacier National Park back in August.  During my second day in the park I hiked to the Swiftcurrent Lookout at the summit of Swiftcurrent Mountain.  The following photo shows me standing in front of the fire lookout and Alex Hassan is standing on the steps behind me -- small world.  Hands down, this was my favorite spot in the park.

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