Saturday, July 2, 2011


If you're a regular of this blog you probably heard of and love Alone in the Wilderness, an extraordinary documentary about Dick Proenneke. Lucky for us fans, Bob Swerer Productions just released a sequel aptly named Alone in the Wilderness part II.  Best $21.95 I spent in a long time.

Dick Proenneke continues documenting his life in the remote Alaska wilderness in this sequel to the original Alone in the Wilderness video. Watch as he builds his cache, enjoys the scenery and visits with his brother Ray.

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  1. My favorite damn movie of all time man. I watch it like once a month. My buddy, a Maine Guide, hooked me up with the idea. If you like that movie - look up Dead River Rough Cut. It was made in the woods of Maine. Also, the #1 requested movie in the Maine State Prison system - that way you know it's good! haha.