Wednesday, April 6, 2011


On top of Fingerboard Mountain in New York there is a single shelter called...the Fingerboard Shelter.  This stone structure is located 350' from the AT and was built back in 1928 entirely on a rock ledge.  It is equipped with 2 (still working) fireplaces and sleeps roughly 8 people.  Despite the graffiti it is quite charming.  The shelter faces east toward a wooded valley and Lake Tiorati.

County/State: Orange, NY
Elevation: 1300'
Maintained by: New York-New Jersey Trail Conference

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The Cedar Waxwing is a passerine bird that can be found year-round in my home state of Connecticut.  The name "waxwing" comes from the waxy red secretions found on the tips of the secondaries of some birds.  These birds are brown on top and pale yellow on its belly. It has a crest of feathers on its head and a black mask lined with white on its face. The cedar waxwing has black legs and feet and a short black bill. It has darker gray wings and its tail has a yellow tip.

If you want to attract Cedar Waxwings plant fruit-bearing shrubs and trees.  Listen to their calls and be on the look-out for these gorgeous birds.