Friday, January 21, 2011


If you find yourself on the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington I hope your heading to Olympic National Park.  After climbing Mount Olympus you should spend a couple days in the Hoh Rain Forest.  The Hoh is one of the largest temperate rain forests in the United States and sees over 12 feet of rain each year.  You could hike the 17.3 mile Hoh River Trail to Glacier Meadows which lies on the shoulder of Mount Olympus.

If you're lucky you might spot Bigfoot which is apparently alive and thriving in the Hoh Rain Forest.  If that doesn't pan out you'll have to settle for elk, bobcat, black bear and the northern spotted owl.

Roosevelt elk, also known as Olympic elk.

Along the Hoh River Trail you have plenty of shelters and established campsites to choose from. 7 total.  You can also pitch a tent on the gravel bars along the Hoh River which make good low impact campsites.

 Olympus Guard Station

 Happy Four Shelter


  1. Beautiful place and beautiful pics. I'd blow that elk photo up and put it over the couch any day. I'd never heard of this place thanks for sharing. The places to see list just got longer.

  2. I'm packing in with a friend to spend a couple of nights at the shelter at Olympus Guard Station this weekend. Was there an major obstacles on the trial or dangerous creek fording when you hiked the tail?

  3. Are these pictures taken by you?