Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The Manitou Incline Railway was built in 1907 to assist in the construction of the Manitou Hydroelectric Plant and its waterline.  The plant began producing electricity February 15, 1905, harnessing the power of water flowing off Pikes Peak.  Once the plant was completed the railway was turned in a tourist attraction.  Unfortunately, the Incline was plagued by rockslides and their subsequent repairs.  The railway eventually closed in 1990 after a rockslide damaged the tracks again.  The rails were removed and sold to a local mining operation but the wooden ties remain.  For the past 20 years the Manitou Incline has been "off-limits" to the public, yet continues to be a hotbed for recreation and exercise.  Starting in 1997 the Incline Club met weekly for group runs up the Incline.

Some facts about the Manitou Incline:
  • Averages grade: 40%
  • Steepest grade: 68%
  • Hikers/runners will experience 2,011' in elevation over a length of approximately one mile.

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