Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Lon Chaney, best known for his acting, was an avid fisherman and outdoorsman.  In 1929 Chaney commissioned Paul Williams to design and build a stone cabin for him in the eastern Sierra Nevada.  The cabin still stands today, however, it is now owned and preserved by the Inyo National Forest Service.  You can locate the cabin alongside the trail which runs up the north fork of Big Pine Creek in the John Muir Wilderness.
To get to Lon Chaney's Cabin, take the Glacier Lodge turn-off from Highway 395 in the town of Big Pine. Travel west along Big Pine Creek to the trailhead at Glacier Lodge. Take the North Fork Trail for about 2 miles to the cabin, just inside the [John Muir] wilderness boundary.
You can read more about Chaney's cabin in this article from June 2003 by the LA Times.


  1. Aint that a fine piece of art suitable for real-life use too and vise-versa.

    I know one bit similiar handbuilt stone cabin here near my place too but its not THIS fine at all.

    I hope that houses like that will be left in peace from any devastation.

  2. Apparently the park service toyed with the idea of leveling it with explosives. They eventually realized that the amount of dynamite needed to destroy the cabin would impact the environment more than just letting it stay.

  3. The explosives story is a smoke screen. If they really wanted to cabin to be gone, a crew of Wilderness Watch felons with sledge hammers could level it in no time.

  4. The only devastation this structure has seen is a lack of care from the Inyo National Forest Service. However it is still a great place to visit but you need to be in relatively good shape to hike the trail up there which is considered to be strenuous.