Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Chuck Cochran gets a hold of one.

Since 1941 Camp 4 in Yosemite National Park was base camp for some of the world's greatest rock climbers.  In 1972 Camp 4 and the Park Rangers had a baseball game.  This shot, taken by Gene Foley, shows one Ranger and a few others from Camp 4 that eventually joined the NPS.  Park Ranger Terry Pimental is playing catcher and Chuck Cochran, who played in the LA Dodgers farm league before he discovered climbing, is at bat.  Werner, Kid Carrot, Bruce Hawkins, Bill Bonebrake, Tim Harrison, Chris Vandiveer, Jeff Mathis, Bruce Brossman, Mark Chapman, and a lot of other folks are in this photo.

Camp 4 won the game, 2-1.

There were more games in the following years.  The Rangers even had shirts made that said "PINE PIGS".

John Bachar at bat.  Photo by Storer.

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  1. That looks more like Tim Harrison at bat with Jim Bridwell standing just to the left of the cage.