Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Oh Eun-Sun on the summit of Gasherbrum I

Oh Eun-Sun is the first woman to climb all 14 8,000 meter peaks.  Despite all her achievements there is some controversy regarding her claim to have reached the summit of Kangchenjunga in 2009.  Read on...


  1. Oh Eun Sun of South Korea is like "fraud-artist" Chad Kellogg of USA as it's coming to be known through the US climbing community and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Not just frauds. Creative deceivers frauds!!!! Horrible!!!!!! They invent excuses, take fraud-summit-photos showing No Summit, crop their images to remove SUB-SUMMIT-LAND. Chad Kellogg has gone and done more. Lied about speedclimbs! Caught big time.

    Worse yet with this Chad Kellogg Fraud He has dozens of friends in the NW USA who criminal-Cyberstalk on the internet with malicious abuse stalking people especially anyone who criticizes him. The sewer of humans. But it just reflects back on Chad. That he has friends like this. Sewer.

  2. Chad Fraud-logg Kellogg as we all joke in the climbing community lives on in Seattle Washington I think actually does Buddism with all the big time lying. Not just one lie. Tons. He also refusts huge money offers to do a timed-climb including $5000 yearly offers.

    Chad has many methods of fraud. Up close photos showing only his face at the 'summit'. Video at the base area at his 'start' and 'finish' no summit photos no summit witnesses. Refuses to allow anyone to time him. He knows tons of people that live near the mountains too. He uses his friends to abuse those who criticize him. He uses connectiions in the press. A dirty-politician-mountaineer. Dr. Fred Cook and Chad Kellogg would be great friends!!!!!!!! FriendsOfFraud.

  3. This is so well known about Chad it's old hat. I don't know of anyone in the climbing community who holds truth to what Chad claims.

  4. Controversy about Oh Eun Sun, wow. Chad Kellogg hoaxes, Christian Stangl hoaxes, Oh Eun Sun hoaxes. Probably many more getting away with it. Ueli Steck re his Annapurna climb? HE was even publically challenged, no summit photos not witnesses nothing, exuses himself with "lost my camera"