Saturday, April 3, 2010


The Bachar Ladder is a rope ladder used by rock climbers for training.  The climber would climb the ladder using only their arms.  Great for building upper body and campusing strength.  The Bachar Ladder was named after John Bachar, a famous American climber best known for free soloing.

John Bachar

"The rope ladder has to be strung very tightly to be nice - not like in the Chouinard ad. I used to use a double pulley and jumar system to get that baby strung. 15 degrees overhanging is ideal." -John Bachar
Don Best in the Tuolumne Rescue Site


  1. where do I get one?

  2. You make one typically

  3. Just some rope and cut-to-size PVC pipes do the trick.

    1. I've made one with pvc pipe and 7mm rope. The pipe must be cut to equal lengths and smoothed at the cuts w/sandpaper. Drill the holes for your rope about 3/4" in from each end. They must be drilled straight and sanded smooth. Knotting the rope equally for each rung is critical, otherwise the ladder rungs quickly become crooked. Mine has worked well over the years(15), and is still usable today.